KeyLemon Web Service

Online FACE and SPEAKER Authentication

KeyLemon cloud solution allows any developer to incorporate face and speaker recognition technology into any web-enabled application, website or service. The KeyLemon service is available through a REST API, for which registration is required.

KeyLemonJS - The easiest way to integrate face and speaker recognition into your web app

KeyLemon also provides a ready to use web based library named KeyLemonJS to help developers integrate FACE and SPEAKER authentication in less than 30 minutes.


A complete documentation is also available, helping you understand how the API works and how to get started on a new project. Code snippets are also provided to quickly create your first apps.

Wrappers (Client side libraries)

Use the wrappers in order to abstract the REST communication with the server. These libraries will make it much simpler to develop your application. A code snippet for each function is provided to help you implement your apps quickly.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us.